What Do You Really Need?

What Do You Really NeedDo you ever find yourself asking, “why does my back hurt?” Or “why can’t I lose weight?” Maybe you wonder why you are experiencing headaches, dry skin, dandruff, or bad acne. We ask ourselves all these questions because we don’t know how to solve our physical puzzle. Yes, think of your health as a puzzle, a puzzle we have to choose to put together. Putting this puzzle together takes time, dedication, patience, experimenting, educating, and listening to the right people. If we do this we are more inclined to find answers that will help our skin look and feel better, decrease the number of headaches we might be having, or lose the 20 pounds we have been dying to lose.

In another blog post, I explained how I went through low back pain in my early 20’s. I explained how it was due to a lack of not working my entire core and not getting regular adjustments. As time went on I later learned that incorporating massage therapy and staying hydrated was super helpful in maintaining the maintenance of my back. Now I hardly ever experience back pain. I basically played the puzzle and learned what my body needed.

So, what does your body need? Each time patients visit our office they are experiencing back pain and spinal nerve issues. We want to use this blog to educate you a bit on which service, massage therapy, or Chiropractic care you should be seeking as a patient coming into our office. We do always recommend both, but “where do you start,” is the question.

Chiropractic care is a treatment we should give ourselves at least once a month. It focuses on the condition of the spin, which is the skeletal part of your body. Misalignments in the spin can cause issues with headaches, chinks in the muscles, nerve issues, scoliosis, posture, and much more. I want you to think of the spin as the foundation. You want to fix the spin first then worry about the muscles. If the spin is not aligned it’s going to cause the muscles to pull wrong, resulting in different pains. It can also screw up the nerves, which house themselves inside the spine. Once the nerves are housed away correctly and the muscles are pulling more accurately we can now look into the massage arena.

Massage therapists will go in and build onto what the chiropractor set up in the spine. Oftentimes, massages are overlooked and thought to be a therapy meant mainly for relaxation. However, massage therapists give the body more than just stress relief. It gives the body a chance to release bad toxins as well as loosening muscle tension, which could have been a result of them pulling the wrong way and a lack of stretching and strengthening the muscles. So, when you think of massages think a bit more muscle care.

If you’re experiencing back pain start with the spin, your foundation then goes into the muscular aspect of treatment. You will then find better results. Of course, every person and their situation is different. So, give your body time to heal. And listen to it when it speaks. It speaks to you when it screams, “PAIN!”

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