The Missing Link

How often do you find yourself struggling with some sort of back pain? I guarantee that every patient who comes into our office is seeking help with this very issue. We might sit back and attribute our pain to the excuse of getting old. However, this is not necessarily the answer. We are simply not educated enough on how to properly care for our back, aka, our core, due to a missing link we often overlook or ignore…exercise.

Yup, I said the word, exercise. It is one of those things we tend not to do because we simply do not feel like it. If you are only getting adjustments and not exercising you could still find yourself having back pain issues because you are not strengthening the muscles supporting and surrounding the skeletal frame.

Unfortunately, too many of us do not understand how important the back muscles are. We do not realize they are an essential part of the core. And if we are not maintaining a strong core it will cause weak muscles. Not that I am saying you will never experience back pain after building a strong core. It does mean, however; less of a risk for core/back issues. Let me give you a personal example of what I am saying.

In my early 20’s, working as a janitor I began to notice recurring pain in my low back area. I wasn’t sure why I was having this pain and at the time I was very unaware of chiropractic care and the proper back exercises I needed to maintain a strong core. I did exercise every day but never focused on my back. I didn’t understand the back was a big part of what made up the core. I finally came across a form of exercise called, “Pop Pilates,” which without realizing it taught me to work my back. Then after doing Pop Pilates for some time I realized my back pain wasn’t a major prominent part of everyday life. I figured out that by exercising those muscles I created strength that was missing from my body. As a result of gaining that strength and pairing my exercises with chiropractic care I no longer had issues with back pain.

If you want to start pairing your chiropractic visits with great back exercises to gain optimal results here are some great ways to do so. Pilates, yoga, and swimming are 3 big forms of exercises that are great for building back and overall core strength. If you’re someone who enjoys weightlifting, you can even find weight-based exercises.

A few of these exercises you can try include:
• Bird dogs (Pilates)
• Froggers (Pilates)
• Plank (Pilates)
• Superman (Pilates)
• Swimmers (Pilates)
• Walnut crusher (Pilates and weights)
• Resistance band pull apart (strength and Pilates)
• Rows with or without weights (weights and Pilates)
• Pool plank (swimming)
• Arm raises (swimming)
• Single leg balance reach (swimming) This exercise gets into your hips, which will help maintain a strong low back

These are just a few exercises you can look up and practice. Shoot for 30 sec holds, rest for 15 sec, rinse, and repeat. Even try doing your exercises with music to spice things up; challenging yourself to go to the beat of your favorite song. Good Luck!

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