Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Fort Wayne, IN

Chiropractic care is a natural, holistic, safe method for treating pediatric patients in Fort Wayne! At Stellhorn Chiropractic, we help pediatric patients of all ages, from the youngest babies up through teen and pre-teen patients. Our pediatric patients have a variety of needs. From colic to ear infections, sports injuries to attention deficit disorder, our chiropractic services can help.

Chiropractic Treatments for Children in Fort Wayne, IN

At Stellhorn Chiropractic in Fort Wayne IN, we use a variety of chiropractic techniques to treat our pediatric patients.

• Spinal adjustment. We administer spinal adjustment to help improve the functioning of the central nervous system in our pediatric patients, leading to better immune function, fewer illnesses and greater resistance to injury. By helping children feel their best, chiropractic care can help improve behavior, concentration and physical ability.

• Nutrition counseling. Childhood diabetes and obesity is on the rise in our country. Our nutrition counseling services can help our patients maintain a healthy weight. Nutrition counseling services can also help active children get the energy they need to participate in sports and other physical activities at school and home.

• Massage therapy. Massage therapy helps speed the healing process and improves blood flow to injured parts of the body.

• Corrective exercises. We teach our patients how to do corrective exercises that can help their injuries heal and reduce pain. For children participating in sports, corrective exercises can also help them avoid injuries.

Conditions Treated

We treat many common childhood conditions and illnesses, including:

• Colic

• Constipation

• Bedwetting

• Ear infections

• Cold and flu


• Asthma

• Allergies

Contact Your Chiropractor in Fort Wayne

To learn more about pediatric chiropractic care with a Fort Wayne chiropractor, contact Stellhorn Chiropractic. Our pediatric chiropractor uses gentle chiropractic techniques to help children stay healthy, build up their immunity and recover from injuries. Call us today!

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