Our First 411 Blog

As one of Fort Wayne’s top and newer growing Chiropractic businesses, we want to inform our Fort Wayne community on the latest 411 happenings within our Stellhorn Chiropractic office. To kick things off we want to start by introducing you to one of our newest team members, Dr. John who has recently started full-time with our office on Oct. 26, 2020.

If you have not yet met Dr. John, you need to. He has been a part of our Fort Wayne Chiropractic team part-time for the past several months and has shown to be a great adjuster and a caring Doctor who takes a personal interest in his patients. He adds his own personal expertise to the field of Chiropractic care by utilizing his strengths and experiences in our office. Dr. John is known for specializing in neck related issues, focusing more on the causes of chronic migraines and/or whiplash. He also has lots of hands-on experience improving maternity cases, giving women an opportunity to experience a more comfortable pregnancy when it comes to dealing with low back issues, specifically. Along with Dr. Chris Foust, our current full-time Doc, and Dr. John we hope to bring a strong team of Chiropractic care your way.

All of us at Fort Wayne Stellhorn are excited to bring him on board full time. We know he will bring much-needed help to those in need of it. Please, come and be a part of the growing experiences taking place at Stellhorn Chiropractic. We have more new and amazing things to come. So, stay tuned!

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