Injury Rehabilitation Through Chiropractic Care

Dr. Josh Bell and Dr. Chris Foust of Stellhorn Chiropractic serve Ft. Wayne and the surrounding area. We provide outstanding chiropractic care with their combined extensive amount of experience in the medical field. When searching for a Fort Wayne chiropractor, we break the mold in regards to their training and skill. We have an excellent bedside manner that helps patients want to recover. We provide the area with a natural approach to injury rehabilitation.

What Experience Do These Chiropractors in Fort Wayne?
Combined, we have many years of experience working in the healthcare field and with rehabilitation patients. Dr. Bell once worked in a high-tech rehabilitation facility, giving him knowledge about the latest techniques in rehabilitation. Dr. Foust once worked in a medical facility, giving him knowledge about various ailments and how to properly treat them and the recovery process they undergo. Our experience has given them the knowledge necessary to deal with even the most critical of cases.

Who Do These Chiropractic Experts See?
As a family chiropractor office, we see patients of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, we see patients with various types of injuries ranging from car accidents to sports injuries.

How Does a Fort Wayne Chiropractor Conduct Rehabilitation?
No matter the injury, the patient is evaluated while either Dr. Foust or Dr. Bell determines a course of action specifically crafted with the patient’s needs in mind. A chiropractor in Fort Wayne from our office will then execute the plan and monitor the patient’s progress continuously. Sometimes, the course of action for injury rehabilitation is a chiropractic adjustment. All patients are assisted while they complete certain exercises meant to stretch the muscles and increase flexion. Treatments are geared toward improving muscle function, stretching stiff muscles, improving motor control loss and activating proper biomechanics and neurology. The doctor will also implement other treatments with his scope of practice in mind. For instance, the chiropractor might provide rehabilitation with a diet plan that provides them with all the nutrition they need to heal and get back to leading a normal life.

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