Infant Adjustments

Infant AdjustmentsI want to pull your attention to our latest 411 happenings. These latest happenings involve infants and how they can be treated through chiropractic care. Yes, you heard right. Looking into getting our infant adjusted is something your child just might thank you for one day.

If you haven’t stopped to realize how traumatic birthing can be for both the mom and the baby, you just might want to sit back and take a gander. Birthing for the mom is no piece of cake, but when you stop to think about the infant and how they are oftentimes pulled, twisted, and firmly gripped by doctors who are working to safely pull them from their warm comfy home.

The trauma for these babies from the birthing process can be presented in the form of colic, gas issues, digestive issues, and even ear infections. Having your infant adjusted can help realign and reset all the baby’s body systems. We have had parents come into our office and tell stories of how they had their children adjusted since birth and as a result, their child has not only shown improvement in sleep, but it also kept their immune systems up. When all the other kids at school were getting sick, their children were running the playground and enjoying their day.

This goes to show that adjusting your infant will not only assist the parents but will also set the child up for a happier healthier life.

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