Four Debunked Chiropractic Myths

Going into our blog for today I want to try and clear the air of any myths you might have heard regarding Chiropractic care. Occasionally, we find ourselves too afraid to venture into new realms because we have heard scary stuff about it. I encourage you to take some time and read through the following information, allowing yourself to open your mind to new possibilities.

Let us first start with, “It can be expensive.” My first initial impression of Chiropractic care was that they were too expensive. But then I discovered a Chiropractor who was charging 25 dollars for walk-ins. Twenty-five sounded pretty darn good to me, so I made my way in and eventually educated myself on the actuality of how beneficial Chiropractic care truly is for not just your spine, but for your overall health. It is true that every Chiropractor is priced differently. And you might find some who are costly, but there are others who offer more affordable rates if you do your research.

Our second myth is that “it is too dangerous.” This is something I have heard several times before, but in all actuality, it has been proven that Chiropractic care is much less dangerous than surgeries and medications. In fact, if you are receiving regular Chiropractic care, your chances for needing surgery later down the road drastically decreases. You are also not having to deal with side effects you would normally receive from medications.

Another misconception you might have heard is that Chiropractors are not real Doctors. We are debunking this myth because Chiropractors not only have a four-year undergraduate degree, but they have also gone through another 3 to 4 years for their doctorates to pass State and National certifications. The biggest difference to keep in mind between normal Doctors and Chiropractors is that Chiropractors specialize specifically in the skeletal and muscular aspects of the body, including the nervous systems. They keep the spine, joints, nervous system, and muscles healthy by securing everything in its place. This also pushes away the occurrence of several health issues, which can arise if you are not keeping up with regular Chiropractic care.

Chiropractors only treat back and neck pain. It seems to make sense that a Chiropractor who specializes in the spine would only help when the back and neck are hurting. However, because everything in our bodies is connected, Chiropractors work on almost anything that causes pain in the joints, muscles, and nerves. For example, if you find it painful to inhale on a breath, chances are you have ribs out of place. If you go into a Chiropractor’s office, they will go in and adjust as needed to realign the ribs. This is one example of several other health issues Chiropractors work on. Some others include: Scoliosis, high or low blood pressure, arthritis, nerve issues, headaches and migraines, colic for babies, and more. So, do not get clotheslined into thinking all they do is fix your back or neck. There is so much more that goes into Chiropractic care than you realize.

I hope you will now think about entrusting your basic overall health into the hands of a Chiropractor, who can keep you from needing to visit your family doctor or surgeon later down the road.

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