Don’t Limit Yourself. Take Care of Yourself.

Don’t Limit Yourself. Take Care of Yourself.(Note, this blog is not meant to diagnose any issues you might be having, but to give you insight on how you might improve your overall health.)

Do you wonder why as you grow older you begin to find yourself experiencing pain more frequently throughout your body? Or why you begin to find everything pulling and tearing way more easily? Knowing why your body feels like it’s falling apart can contribute to how you are taking care of yourself. So today we will go into, what I like to refer to as the foundation of your physical self. Understanding the foundation can help you feel and act more like your age, if not younger. Let’s start with our mental self.

When leaving our 20’s and entering older adult years, the common mentality we often fall into is the concept that because our body is older we can’t do certain physical activities or we’ll hurt ourselves. Therefore, our mindset quickly reverts to limiting our bodies on what we believe it can handle. Once we begin living on this excuse our bodies later show signs of different health issues because we are afraid to give it the love it needs. Don’t be afraid to go for a brisk jog or kick a soccer ball around with your kid. Know your limits on what your body can handle in the moment. Every activity has a beginner’s stage, so start there and believe in your body, and be patient with yourself. Once you’ve chosen to stop limiting your body, continuously challenge it. Your physical and mental self will grow and become stronger. Your body will surprise you if you choose to be patient with it.

Next, work on body maintenance, which includes visiting a Chiropractor monthly to keep your spine in place. Then pair Chiropractic care with Massage Therapy. For some of us, we might need to check in more than once a month, depending on our spinal and muscular condition. It helps to think of the body as a car. After our vehicles exceed a certain mileage we need to get an oil change, brake checks, etc. Same thing applies regarding our physical well-being. Our bodies need regular tune-ups. And when we choose to ignore those tune-ups we find things falling apart and not functioning well.

The last thing I want to look into is what we are eating. We want to be fueling our bodies with fruits, veggies, proteins, and plenty of water. Find foods that don’t contain a ton of added sugars. Also, limit how often you intake caffeinated drinks. Now, I am not saying cut out all bad foods and drinks forever, just learn to enjoy them in moderation. Cook at home vs going out; finding new exciting ways to reinvent your food. Look to YouTube for inspiration if needed.

In order for our bodies to function at optimal levels we need to ensure it is receiving enough water, protein, fruits, veggies, and grains. Eating enough of these things will reflect your results during physical activity and your overall health. Incorporating enough water, correct foods, exercise, and physical maintenance will help get you on the right track and out of the “its impossible” rut. Give it a try today. Don’t expect it to be easy. Instead, take it one step at a time.

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